Dec 9, 2020 | Blogging

The Mystery Behind Search Engines

Laura DeVries

Laura DeVries


Did you know that Google gets over 63,000 searches per second? It’s such a popular search engine that people all over the world are familiar with it.

But while so many people frequently use Google (and other search engines), very few actually understand how it works.

Are you curious about the mystery behind search engines? Then let us demystify it for you here! Read on to find out how search engines work so the cryptic fog can be lifted, once and for all.

How Search Engines Work

When you type something into your search bar, it seems like Google magically pulls up results in an instant. But there’s so much going on behind the scenes!

Essentially, sophisticated algorithms were developed to quickly analyze both the relevancy and quality of websites. There are a number of factors that go into this, including things like content quality and page loading speeds.

This analysis is done through web crawlers (spiders or bots), which crawl, or review the content on sites. Then, the search engines index these sites.

In the end, a website is basically given an overall score. This determines how sites rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

What Is SEO?

“SEO” stands for “search engine optimization.” This is a process where you purposely tweak your website to please search engines when they crawl your website.

For example, let’s say your customers love to search “comfortable shoes” as a keyword. This means that you’d optimize your website for “comfortable shoes” so when someone enters that keyword, your website will rank as highly as possible.

SEO and Marketing

Now you might be thinking: what does SEO have to do with marketing? Plenty!

Over 25% of people click the first Google search result. And on that first page, the 2nd site listed will get 3 times more clicks than the 6th. Lastly, websites on just the 2nd page of Google SERPs get under 1% for their clickthrough rate (CTR).

As you can see, it’s absolutely vital that your company’s website ranks on the first page and in the top positions if possible. If not, then you risk users not even becoming aware of your brand.

If you can’t get customers into the first step of the marketing funnel (awareness), then it’s going to be a real struggle getting them all the way through to the purchase phase.

So it’s essential that you get SEO right for marketing. Or else you risk losing out to your competition.

Harness the Power of SEO

Now that you know how search engines work, hopefully, this has cleared things up for you.

As you can see, there’s great power in SEO, so if you’re not already doing it, you’re definitely missing out. So we’d highly recommend implementing a good SEO strategy so your business shoots to the top of SERPs and sets you up for success!

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Laura DeVries

Laura DeVries