“A month ago, I was given the opportunity to work with Laura regarding my social media marketing (or lack thereof as the case was). Since hiring Laura, my social presence has increased by over 20% in just 2 weeks. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone. I didn’t realize how badly I needed someone like Laura, or I would have hired her a long time ago.”
Shelly Clark
Cardinal Surveying

“She is AWESOME!! I am proud to say that Laura DeVries is the official Marketing Guru of Mobility for U.  Her organization, expertise and understanding of all aspects of marketing is over-the-top. I really appreciate her suggestions and trying different approaches that has led to new business. I thoroughly enjoy brain-storming about all of my advertising platforms and consider her opinion very worthwhile. The perspective that Laura brings to the table gives credibility to our Total Marketing Plan.”

Mike Flotken
Mobility for U®

“I am very impressed by the professionalism and customer service of CommCore Marketing. They have exceeded my expectations in every area, including the finished product.”

Skip Stephens – Chief
Cottleville Fire District

“It has been great to have CommCore Marketing on our side helping us to grow our business and expand the reach of our product. Not only are Laura and the team both professional and exceedingly skilled at what they do, they also give you peace of mind that your marketing is taken care of. As a business owner, that is invaluable.”

Dr. Stacey Bone, DVM and Co-Founder

Working with CommCore Marketing has been a great business decision and a real pleasure to work with. Laura and her team have helped us with our website, newsletter, Linkedin, Twitter, and other marketing pieces, teaching us best practices and delivering great results. CommCore Marketing is our go to marketing resource. They take pride in delivering high quality services and building strong relationships.”
Frank Danzo and Steve Finkelstein
Experience On Demand

“I would highly recommend Laura DeVries if you are looking for a marketing specialist in social media. She does all of the research for you. I have engaged with many more people on social media since Laura took over this aspect of my business. Thank you, Laura, you are the best!”

Scott Shafman
The Shafman Group – Guild Mortgage

“She just wrapped up my new marketing material and am very pleased and would recommend her to everyone!!!”

Jim Colombo Jr.
St. Louis Home Paint Specialists

“It didn’t take long for CommCore Marketing to boost our company profile and overall visibility.  Laura and her team really understand our business and more importantly, our customers.  CommCore is responsive, flexible and motivated.  5-stars for CommCore Marketing!”

Charlie Felker
Promise Home Works

“Working with CommCore Marketing has been a great business decision and a real pleasure to work with. Laura and her team have helped us with our website, newsletter, Linkedin, Twitter, and other marketing pieces, teaching us best practices and delivering great results. CommCore Marketing is our go to marketing resource. They take pride in delivering high quality services and building strong relationships.”

Frank Danzo and Steve Finkelstein
Experience On Demand

“As a new grassroots organization it was critical to get our name out to the entire community quickly and cost effectively. CommCore Marketing quickly established their expertise with us but also went above and beyond. Laura really listened to our needs and helped us reach our goals with top notch customer service.”

Carissa Figgins
Executive Director of Community Strong

Laura at CommCore Marketing is a first class professional, well versed in multiple marketing platforms to allow the small business owner to maximize ROI while capitalizing on an ever tightening Marketing Budget.  Her passion to serve the community as leader provides a clear representation that she will be here for the long haul.  Her passion, drive, and openness to transform marketing approaches is what separates her from the pack.  You will get professional guidance tailored for your business.  Laura is second to none and I highly recommend CommCore Marketing.

Mike Hebert
State Farm Insurance

When Community Living, Inc. was in a transition period between Marketing/Communications Managers, I reached out to fellow Vision Alumni Laura DeVries – CommCore Marketing for guidance.  They provide a full array of services; Laura was so accommodating in discussing and offering the specific services to meet our unique needs. Not a “one-size fits all” approach, we were able to customize the services we need, with maximum flexibility. Laura’s attention to detail and impeccable customer service has made us feel like we are their “number one” client! CommCore Marketing has been totally responsive in a timely manner to our every need, change, or new request. I highly recommend them for any or all of your communications and/or marketing needs. 

Barb Griffith
President and CEO, Community Living, Inc.

“Having CommCore Marketing write our blogs was one of the better business decisions we have made thus far. The blogs were very well thought out and written. The content was always spot on, and it was really an easy read for us and our customers. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for better marketing exposure.”

Kurt Driemeyer
Owner, Offroad Armor

“Laura has been amazing to work with. She is so patient and truly wants you to be completely satisfied with the projects. She is so efficient and through. I have recommended Laura to other professionals. She can definitely help brand your company and help grow your business.”

Brandy Dudenhoeffer
St. Louis Premier Realty Group

“I was referred to Laura by multiple associates whose business I respect and revere. She absolutely blew me away with what she had to offer. She has helped me so much the last few months.  She has taken projects that have been in the “to-do pile” for years off my plate and implemented systems that are going to have a lasting impact on our bottom line. Thanks Laura and keep up the great work!”

Katie Heaney

“Our firm has worked with Laura over the past year and have found her to be simply outstanding. She is truly concerned about the quality of work she does for us as well as the value of her work and is thorough and complete in every way. I would highly recommend Laura for all of your marketing needs.”

Dennis Norman

“Having CommCore Marketing as one of our partners has alleviated some of our workload and, at the same time, has improved our visibility on social media and in other areas. Laura is very professional, easy to work with and attentive to detail.”

Gwen Walters
St. Charles REALTORS®

“I am so excited that I finally have material to hand out when networking. It has truly made a difference in the way I approach my marketing and networking adventures. I also utilize the idea of placing a sticker on it with my upcoming events, and that makes me all the more excited to actually get out and market my practice. I have been referring people to you so that way they can go out into the marketing world prepared. Thank you again so much Laura! I really appreciate you!”

Dr. LaKendria Hawkins
Back Together Chiropractic

“I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Laura DeVries of CommCore Marketing over the last couple of years.  We were initially connected through a local leadership organization but then our relationship expanded into a chance to learn more about her tremendous passion and desire to help other people.  Laura is extremely talented, dedicated and tremendously helpful to her clients, friends, co-workers, referral partners and community partners.  Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with her!”

Mark Hollander
Vision St. Charles County Leadership

“Laura and her team at CommCore Marketing make my job easier. They take projects off my hands such as; graphic design, blogging, social media management, email blast campaigns and website management, which allows me to focus on the things that I’m good at and so that I can effectively manage my time.  They are always proactive and do a great job communicating. I would highly recommend Laura and her team to help you lighten your load while increasing your productivity.”

Shelly Clark
St. Louis Ambush Major Arena Soccer League

I am privileged to brag about CommCore Marketing—the company who has been responsible for Mobility for U’s awesome promotional ideas and social media placement program.  The Guru in the driver’s seat is Laura DeVries of CommCore Marketing. Laura and her staff were entrusted with the task of developing a social media and website development program for Mobility for U® and has exceeded my wildest expectations. I continue to brag about her and the results that she has achieved with Mobility for U®.

Mike Flotken
Mobility for U®

Laura DeVries is trail blazer in St. Louis / St. Charles Social Media Marketing. Hands down she is a forward thinking leader, she loves ambitious projects, and her support and dedication place her a cut above the competition. You can rely on Laura and the team that she has built to insulate and grow your brand for the future.

Mike Hammock
Partner, Shortcut Solutions

“The team at CommCore Marketing has helped us to increase our social media presence, be more professional online and keep current with our clients on all social media platforms. We couldn’t do it without them. The team, program, pricing are all in line with our goals and we couldn’t be happier with them!”

Sarah Bernard
Sarah Bernard Real Estate

Using CommCore Marketing was an effortless, efficient, and cost-effective way to maintain brand awareness.  Laura and her team are incredibly responsive and easy to work with. 

Robert Dwyer
Vice President, Customer Direct

“I have consulted with Laura on many things over the last year. Her creativity, attention to detail, and promptness have made her an invaluable resource for my business. I’m excited to continue working with Laura and highly recommend her services.”

Scott Frederick
Pillar to Post Home Inspections

“Laura DeVries of CommCore Marketing has been such an integral part to the start-up of our new business. She has guided us with her knowledge and expertise.  We trust her. We value her opinion and trust her to handle all of our marketing needs. I would recommend Laura to anyone in need of marketing services.”

Megan Frederick
Proactive Home Services