What Is Integrated Marketing Communications?

Laura DeVries

Laura DeVries


What Is Integrated Marketing Communications?

In 2020, over half of all small business owners expressed concern that social distancing measures would hurt their businesses’ chances of survival. By 2023, business owners have learned that networking, the opposite of keeping your distance, is one part of growing a business today.

What is networking? How does networking help businesses become more successful? Business owners share insights. They discuss new trends and successful strategies to improve a brand’s messaging.

One trend that is key to the success of any business is integrated marketing communications. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this trend and how it will lead to long-term marketing success for your business.

Defining Integrated Marketing Communications

What is the best way to raise awareness of your company or your brand and promote familiarity? Use a unified message that is consistent across all media and marketing channels.

Consumers are bogged down with too much information. Integrated marketing communications fixes that! When using this strategy, companies deliver a seamless experience for the consumer.

For example, someone might see a service or product on social media and go to your website to take a closer look. If your website is a 180 from what they see on social media, you’re likely to leave them confused.

How Integrated Marketing Communications Works

When marketing businesses online, keep in mind that consumers may see the product or service across different mediums whether it be in an advertisement, on a social media post, or through direct marketing materials.

When the brand is presented in a similar fashion across all these mediums, it raises brand awareness.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications

Using integrated marketing communications takes your brand to the next level. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of this type of marketing approach.

Cost Effective

While working on a marketing approach, your company’s bottom line has to come into play. Creating marketing content to use for many purposes across several media channels makes it very cost-effective.

Customer-Centered Approach

Putting your customers at the forefront is what integrated marketing campaigns are all about. When the customer feels valued, it raises brand awareness and makes them want to share your company with others.


Consumers get so much information thrown at them every day, so campaigns that have a cohesive message will not overwhelm them or their attention span.

Networking and Communications in Business

Now you know more about how networking and integrated marketing communications can benefit your business. It’s time to start building a recognizable brand across all media types.

This type of marketing campaign done well will elevate your brand and make it a household name.

Do you know who can assist your business with all its marketing needs? We at CommCore Marketing can help you grow your business through an integrated marketing campaign with a consistent message. Contact us today to get started!


Laura DeVries

Laura DeVries