Is It Worth It to Start a Podcast for Your Business?

You can find one or two news articles every day talking about the latest podcasts making their debut.

There seems to be no shortage of podcasts these days but with good reason. Within the next two years, the podcast listening audience is expected to reach around 164 million people. 

With the growing popularity, many companies are investing in this type of medium to promote their brand and gain name recognition.  

Even though podcasts are all the rage these days, does it make sense to start one for your business? Keep reading as we discuss the benefits of a business podcast and whether it’s a good move for your business. 

Pros and Cons of a Podcast

When done right, podcasting has some real benefits. Is there a downside? Let’s take a look. 

Ability to Monetize 

This is one of the biggest pros of podcasting. You can make money from sponsors and people who come on your show that are willing to pay for exposure. 

You can sell subscriptions to your podcast and offer merchandise. 

Increase in Website Traffic 

A business podcast is an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your website, gain exposure and increase sales all in one place. You can consistently plug and promote your product or service and remind your listeners to visit your website to find out more. 

Share Your Expertise and Become a Trusted Source in Your Industry

This marketing tool allows you to amplify your voice, share your expertise, offer insights, interview leaders in the industry, and demonstrate your authority within your field. 

What’s the Downside? 

It may take a while to build a following. You have to find a way to connect with your audience and build a relationship. Be consistent and share good content to keep them coming back. 

How to Start a Podcast 

If you think a podcast makes sense for your business, it’s fairly easy to get started. You need a basic podcasting setup which includes a microphone, headphones, and recording software. You’ll be producing professional and HD podcasts with very little upfront costs. 

Before investing in equipment, decide on your format. Will it be a one-person show, interview style, or a panel discussion, for example? How long will it be? How often will you put out an episode? 

Producing and editing are also a part of podcasting along with promoting the show and individual episodes. 

Thinking of Starting a Podcast? 

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, use this information to decide if it’s worth it for your type of business. If you sell car parts, for example, people will be interested in a podcast pertaining to various topics associated with automobiles. If you sell abrasives, not so much. Ask yourself if you can offer something of value to listeners?

The purpose of a podcast is to increase your visibility within your target markets. We at CommCore Marketing are here to help you do just that while working to grow your business. We take care of your marketing and communication projects so you can focus on your clients. Contact us today to see how our fresh ideas can take your business to the next level. 

The Biggest Marketing Trends in 2022 to Implement (And What To Stay Away From)

Marketing tactics have had to chase whatever new medium attracts an audience. When one day magazines were the way to advertise, blogs are now 63% more likely to influence buyers. 

As the business trends of 2022 change, so will marketing strategies. We can be pretty sure that Artificial Intelligence is going to play a big part in a more digital environment, but what else can we expect to see? 

Being prepared for change is important, but remember 2020 and be ready for the unexpected as well. 

Some marketing trends come and go, but it’s important to try what works in the present. Stick around to learn which new trends you should implement in 2022. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Cookie tracking is not going to be an option in 2022. So how will you track and study your audience’s activities? 

AI is your new friend when it comes to studying and predicting what the market will look like in the coming months and years. It will provide you with unlimited data and reports on keywords, traffic to your website, and it will automate your emails

Customer Experiences

You can have the best advertising in the world, but if your customers don’t have a positive experience, it’s unlikely they’ll come back. Customers want fantastic customer experiences when spending their hard-earned money. 

Do you provide great customer service? Is the culture surrounding your business positive and fun? Do you help your customers make their buying decisions? 

All these things make for an amazing customer experience.

Visual Content is Key 

Video appeals to most of every business’s audience making it the main form of media used in content marketing. According to research, people like to see content in visual form rather than plain text. It’s no wonder that image-focused platforms have seen such incredible growth. 

Most people are visual learners and our brains process visuals faster. Many marketers plan to invest in short-form videos because 2021 saw a great ROI on this form of marketing. 

Audio Content

Even though visual content is king, audio content is making a move. Companies that used some type of audio content or podcast found it to be very effective.

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. You can reach a large audience of people who like to listen to something other than music while they exercise or take a road trip.  

Marketing Trends for the New Year

If you haven’t started already, it’s time to plan your 2022 marketing strategy. No matter how the trends change, remember to stick to the basics of success.

Understand your audience’s needs and stay clear and consistent when communicating with them. Do not neglect SEO, but make your content for your human audience, not the algorithm. And, don’t overuse or underuse social media. 

If you need assistance with your small business marketing or need a marketing strategy for your business, the CommCore Marketing team is here to help!  Contact us today by phone, email, or via our online form. We look forward to working with you!