Meet Laura DeVries

DeVries PortraitLaura, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, is a hard-working marketing leader with 22 years of experience in the field. After moving to St. Louis in 1985, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Webster University and her Master of Business Administration from Fontbonne University. Following her education she worked for several businesses including a Fortune 500 Company. Laura excels at increasing sales and sponsorships, as well as creating successful marketing campaigns and websites. In 2014, Laura ventured out on her own to create CommCore Marketing. Whether you need assistance with project and brand management, online and social media marketing, offline marketing, graphic design, or website maintenance, Laura is here to help!

Why Choose CommCore?

It’s time to get noticed.

CommCore works to increase your visibility within your target markets and grow your business.

Take the worry off your everyday initiatives.

CommCore takes on marketing and communication projects that you have been putting off so that you can focus on your client needs.

Be a successful business!

CommCore truly cares about the success of its clients’ business. We will listen closely to your needs and follow through with fresh ideas that will breathe life into your business.

Our Clients






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